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  • EMI Shielding Silver Fabric(RS)

EMI Shielding Silver Fabric(Rip Stop)

Make your own liners, pouches, and bags to save your data or protect yourself from a myriad of frequencies.

Silver Coated Rip Stop
Woven nylon Rip Stop material combines low weight with high durability. A base coating of silver produces the fabric's conductivity and shielding properties. While simultaneously protecting the material from corrosion.
EMI/RFI shielding gaskets; shielded enclosures, containers, and bags; architectural shielding;  Credit card protection, cell phone protection, computer protection, blocks portable encryption scanners 

Conductive Woven Fabrics for Lightweight, Durable Shielding Applications

These products offer the highest standard of performance in shielding and conductivity. Starting with tough, light, tightly woven fabrics found in applications such as ship sails and military parachutes, STM uses its proprietary metalizing process to apply a thin layer of metal to each fiber. The result is a textile product with the feel, durability, and flexibility of a typical woven fabric and the conductivity and shielding performance of a metal foil.

  • Rip stop 
  • Maximum resistance as low as 0.05 Ohms/sq
  • EMI shielding effectiveness as high as 70 dB

Superior Durability and Performance

Unlike ordinary metalized fabrics, STM's metalized coating process delivers an impervious bond that can't be broken. STM's proprietary metalizing technology actually bonds the metal to the fabric at the molecular level, essentially melding the fabric to the metal. The resulting bond delivers unparalleled durability even under conditions that require constant flexing, bending, stretching or abrading. No other metalized fabric is more durable and because of our superior bonding technology, STM metalized fabrics deliver proven, consistent and reliable electrical conductivity and electromagnetic reflectivity performance even in the most challenging environments. STM's reputation for durability and outstanding performance is what sets us apart and is the reason why STM metalized fabrics are the #1 choice for shielding and reflective solutions over a wide range of industries and applications.

Markets Served

  • Aerospace/Military
    • EMI and reflective shielding and tapes, towed arrays
  • Medical Equipment and Components
    • Flexible fixed and disposable sensors, defibrillators, shielding gaskets, wound dressings
  • Telecommunications
    • Flexible reflective components for portable satellites, shielded gasket components, radar flags, towed arrays
  • Commercial and Consumer Electronics
    • Personal security for electronic devices, personal EMI shielding
  • Architectural Shielding
    • Medical (MRI, Nuclear Radiology), data center shielded wallpaper
  • Mobile Forensics
    • Smartphone, laptop and tablet shielded bags and pouches
    • Shielded tents and enclosures
  • Apparel
    • Shielded gloves, outerwear, socks, sleepwear and intimate apparel, sportswear, outdoor wear, hunting apparel

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