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About Us

          China EMI Shielding Materials Company is an expert of EMI shielding products for the commercial and military markets.

          China EMI Shielding Materials Company manufactures and export soft electromagnetic shielding materials.  One process of copper nickel conductive fabric is polyester fiber as a substrate and combine with copper and nickel metal layer; another process of conductive silver fabric is 100% pure silver conductive fiber.

          The complete shielding product line includes all kinds of metalized fabric and the related EMI shielding products.

          The EMI shielding materials include the copper nickel conductive fabric(Plain weave), the copper nickel conductive fabric(Rip-stop),conductive non-woven fabric,conductive nickel mesh,black copper nickel conductive fabric,conductive fabric tape(copper nickel conductive fabric with conductive adhesive),copper nickel conductive fabric with hot-melt adhesive, conductive copper fabric,conductive nickel fabric ,conductive silver fabric(Diamond lattice),conductive silver fabric(Knitted),conductive silver fabric(elastic).

          The EMI shielding products that are made by EMI shielding fabric include EMI shielding cell phone pouch,EMI shielding gasket(fabric over foam),EMI shielding clothes,EMI shielding gloves,EMI shielding hats.

          Our products can satisfy the technical requirements of electromagnetic compatibility in the areas of electronic industry,clothing,medical instruments,communication,war industry,aerospace, and widely used in maternity,professional work equipment,military covered cloth,shielding tents,shielding curtains,shielding room.