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EMI shielding clothes specification

1.About the color
Product photos are a professional photographer, the late well-repair system and color adjustment, as far as possible consistent with the actual goods, but due to different lighting, display color deviation and personal understanding of color, resulting in kind may exist with the photo color, the final color to the actual goods shall prevail.

2.About Size
Goods are in accordance with the methods of measurement of the Baby details page manual measurement, please parents who carefully compare the size of the purchase, because everyone's different measurement methods and measuring some error is a normal phenomenon, we must look at the size you want to buy, not the size of the problem for the return of the standard, if in doubt you can contact customer service.

3.Cleaning and maintenance

100% silver fiber

Because of different areas of water,  the water contains chemicals in some places such as chlorine ion which can make  chemical reactions with silver, so we suggest that we should use mineral water, purified water or boiled water for washing, a neutral or alkaline washing liquid, silver fiber is not acid and alkali, hand wash after dry ventilated place, do not use washing machine to dry, do not wring!
Note: non-exposure, low iron, no rub hard, no bleach.

Metal fibers
This products are used in a mesh weave, radiation suits in adding a metal filament.It is  likely to cause wire broken
if forced to scrub,so we generally suggest to use hand washing, and gently rub or brush lightly with a smoothing brush, drops the water directly out to dry, do not use washing machine to dry, do not wring.

Note: non-exposure, low iron, no rub hard, no bleach.

Metal fibers
It is Coated fabric, can not wash, sensitive skin should not be worn next to the skin.


For silver fiber products, everyone has a different electrolytes, some people are alkaline, some people who are acidic will make the fabric yellow , so those people are best to wear out. It should be closed in a transparent bag when no wear,and  it should be placed in ventilated place after washing.