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  • Conductive nickel mesh

 Conductive nickel mesh

This product is made by mesh polyester fiber as a substrate and coated with nickel and copper metal layer.


1.The thickness has 0.19mm,0.09mm;The width is 1100mm,1400mm;The weight is between 35 g/ and 55 g/.

2.It has excellent electrical conductivity and shielding effectiveness, which is about 60DB in 100 MHz -3GHz.

3.It has good transmission of light and has air permeability.

4.It is extremely conductive and therefore suitable for blocking out electromagnetic rays.


1.It mainly applies to EMI shielding windows and EMI shielding dust gauze.

2.It can be processed into conductive fabric tape,die cutting materials,EMI/EMC shielding conductive gasket etc, which is suitable for all