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Fabric specification

1. Hazard Identification Information
The most important hazards and effects: Not hazardous.
Health effects: Prolonged contact, some people may cause skin irritation.
Environmental Impact: /
Physical and chemical hazards: no physical and chemical hazardous ingredients.
Specific hazards: None.
The main symptoms: expected under normal use, a single exposure will not cause significant symptoms.
Item Hazard Classification: not classified as hazardous goods.

2. First aid measures

Inhalation: No inhalation hazard.
Skin contact: meal and before work, should be thoroughly cleaned.
Eye contact: Flush with water immediately.
Ingestion: /.
On the Protection of First-aiders: None.
The doctor's advise: None.

Extinguishing Media: 1, CO 2, 3 dry chemical, foam.
Hazards that may be encountered when the fire: None.
Special fire fighting procedures:

(1) In the case of the container to move out of fire safety.
(2) Use water spray fire invalid, but can be used to mist cooling containers exposed to fire.
(3) Firefighters need of chemical protective clothing and positive pressure SCBA content (self-contained air masks).
Special protective equipment for fire-fighters of: full guard, respirators, acid gloves, protective clothing.

4. Accidental Release Measures
Individuals should Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes Product fines.
Environmental Considerations: /
Methods for cleaning up: incineration or secure landfill.

5. Safe disposal methods and savings
Storage conditions: -20 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, ≤65% RH conditions, avoid direct sunlight, within one year of using the best effect. During transport can not be wet, non-impact, non-weight.

6. Exposure prophylaxis
Engineering controls: None.
Personal protective measures
Respiratory Protection: None.
Hand protection: None.
Eye protection: None.
Skin and body protection: meal and before work, should be thoroughly cleaned.
Hygiene measures: Protective clothing.

7. Safety and reactivity
Stability: stable under normal circumstances.
Under special circumstances may endanger Reaction: None.
Availability to Avoid: Avoid water, moisture or humid air.
Materials to Avoid: Water, moisture or humid air
Hazard decomposition products: None.

8. Toxicological Information
Acute toxicity
Inhalation: None.
Skin: None.
Eyes: None.
Local effects: None.
Induced sensitivity: prolonged exposure, some people may cause skin irritation.
Chronic or long term toxicity: None.
Special Effects: None.

9. The impact on the ecological environment: No adverse effects on the ecological environment.

10. Waste Disposal Methods: Dispose of in accordance with local regulations.

11. Transport Information
International transport regulations: /
Domestic transport regulations: /

12. Regulatory Information

Applicable Regulations: /

13. Additional Information
References: None
Note: The above described is based on information that can be collected to recently edited from its content related matters and physical and chemical properties of dangerous and harmful and so has not been sufficient, likelihood of occurrence. Once there are irregular use, the actual situation on the spot to do their own security precautions.