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  • Washable elastic silver conductive fabric

The spec of the elastic silver conductive fabric is as below:

Product name:Elastic silver conductive fabric;


Length:12 metres/piece;

Weight:105±2 g/sqm;

Coating component:100% Silver;

Silver content:20±1%;

Surface resistance:1.5 ohm in 100mm;

Basis material:33% spandex,67% nylon;

Process method:Silver plated;

Function:RFID/EMF/EMI/RF shielding,Anti-radiation,Anti-static,Antibacterial,shielding WIFI or phone signal;

Uses:Shielding clothes or clothes lining,or other shielding purpose;

Advantage:Good elasticity,washable,soft,highly silver content(20%),highly conductivity(1.5 ohm in 100mm),light weight(105g/sqm),and good shielding efficiency.

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