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  • EMI Shielding Nickel Copper Fabric Tape(Black)

EMI Shielding Nickel Copper Fabric Tape(Black)

EMI shielding fabric tape(plain weave) has a thin nickel copper-coated fabric, backing with  double-coated conductive ahensive.

It has plain weave fabric and unique electrically conductive  acrylic adhesive.

It is typically used for applications requiring excellent electrical conductivity from the substrate through the adhesive to the conductive backing.

 Color is black.

The unique and thin metallized backing offers the additional benefits of excellent flexibility and conformability, very light weight, exceptional strength,wear resistance and high temperature resistance, a strong tensile properties and excellent docile nature.


The conductive backing also helps minimize the possibility of finger lacerations.


Many factors determine the true shielding effectiveness of a shielding tape, including type and thickness of foil adhesive type, intimacy of contact, smoothness of application surface, strength and frequency of the EMI signal, among others.


Common uses include grounding and EMI shielding equipment, components, shielded rooms, and more.



Adhesive Type

Acrylic Adhesive Both Sides

Backing Material

Nickel/Copper Plain Weave


Black Fabric

Other  feature:

The thickness has 0.11mm,the width is 1300mm,the weight is about 135 g/.