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  • Copper foil tape

Copper foil tape is typically used in a variety of EMI/RFI shielding applications.

The main thinkness of copper foil tape is 50mm,60mm,70mm,80mm,100mm.

We can make copper foil with Single-sided or double-sided acrylic adhesive.

A. Storage conditions: room temperature 25 ℃ RH: 65% and remain dry and ventilated.

B. Please wear work gloves to avoid fingerprints sweat, cause the product surface oxidation.

C. Handling gently, using the attention to ways to avoid scratching and causing scattered.

D. To avoid moisture ventilation, to avoid moisture accumulation, leading to new products broken.

E. unused portion, please seal, in storage under the above conditions: Shelf life: 6 months.