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  • Conductive nickel fabric

Conductive nickel fabric

This product is made by plain weave polyester fiber as a substrate and coated with nickel  layer.


1.It has excellent electrical conductivity and shielding effectiveness, which is 70DB in 100 MHz -3GHz.

2.It is polyester fabric coated with nickel/ copper,can be painted black and coated with antioxidant.

3.It is extremely conductive and therefore suitable for blocking out electromagnetic rays.

4.It is a flexible fabric that works very well for blocking and diminishing cell phone signals, WIFI signals, etc.

5.100% nickel fabric.


1.The product can be processed into conductive fabric tape,die cutting materials,EMI/EMC shielding conductive gasket etc, which is suitable for all kinds of EMI/EMC shielding, anti-static, ground connection,etc.

2. It can be used to make a pouch for your cell phone, smart key, or anything that accepts or transmits these types of signals, grounding mats, shielding components, your pockets, purse.

3. The product mainly applies to electronic manufacture,communications and medical treatment industries.

4. It is a highly effective product, can protect from possible negative effects of cell phone, tablet, or any smart device that transmits a signal.